Individual, Relationship & Group Counseling

Individual Counseling

I provide individual therapy to adolescents and adults to address a wide range of concerns, including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, trauma, identity, men's mental health, relationship issues, problem sexual behaviors, transitions and adjustment, stress, and loss/grief. 

I use a person-centered approach to understand and appreciate your perspective, and I respect that your culture, race, gender, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, and lifetime experiences combine to make you who you are. 

Services are individualized to your needs to include any appropriate therapeutic approaches necessary. I am trained in EMDR for the treatment of trauma-related symptoms, and I use mindfulness techniques to address emotion-regulation, chronic anxiety and depression, and grounding.

Relationship Counseling

Counseling can strengthen the connection and understanding within a relationship. I assist couples in building and restoring trust, increasing intimacy, improving communication skills, establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries, and fostering respect and positive regard for one another. 

I work with committed relationships, no matter their gender or sexuality dynamics. Couples do not need to be legally married, and polyamorous relationships are welcome.

Other adult pairs are welcome (parent & adult child, roommates, siblings, business partners, etc.). 

Group Counseling

While working individually with a counselor is beneficial, there are times when attending group therapy can enhance your healing.

Benefits of Group Therapy:

  1. Group therapy helps you realize you're not alone.
  2. Group therapy facilitates giving and receiving support.
  3. Group therapy helps you find your "voice."
  4. Group therapy helps you relate to others (and yourself!) in healthier ways.
  5. Group therapy provides a safety net.

I currently facilitate groups off-site for two community agencies, and I am available for group therapy facilitation by contract.

I will occasionally offer groups at my practice or at an off-site location to address various issues as indicated by the need of clients.

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