Clinical Supervision

PLPC Supervision

I have been certified by the Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Board of Examiners to provide clinical supervision to Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselors (PLPC's). 

Supervision is defined as a process in which the PLPC, engages in a collaborative relationship with a LPC Supervisor. The goal of supervision is to enhance and evaluate the PLPC’s professional competence, monitor the quality of services provided, maintain the ethical standards of practice, protect the welfare of the public and provide a gatekeeping function for entry into the mental health profession.

PLPC's  must document a minimum of 3,000 hours of post-master's experience in professional mental health counseling under the clinical supervision of a board-approved supervisor, with said supervision occurring over a period of no less than two years and not more than six years from the original date such supervision was approved. A supervisee must remain under supervision of a board-approved supervisor until receiving written notification of approval for licensure.

The supervision relationship is one of great importance and significance, so matching a supervisor to a PLPC is vital. 

Master's Student Intern Supervision

Students in Counseling and Social Work Master's programs must complete practicum and internship experiences in field placements. I welcome students with an interest in gaining experience in private practice, especially those with interest in working with underserved populations and those interested in practicing from a feminist, trauma-informed, and social justice-focused perspective.

If you are interested in Clinical Supervision, please contact me via email at [email protected]

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